I spy... a disposable camera project

I spy… is a mail art program created by UNIT/PITT. The online exhibition in 2022 featured photographs by Ada Dragomir, Alger Ji-Liang, Ana M Tonso Alonso, Angie Rico, Atheana Picha, Celina de Leon, Chloe Hardmon, Dani Neira, DANI YOUR DARLING, Dax Heaven, Hannah Dubois, Jake Kimble, Julia Chang, Kaila Bhullar, Kara Ditte Hansen, Karl Hipol, kathy feng, Louie Villanueva, M.V. Williams, Marv Houngbo, Melanie Evelyn, Pari, Samantha Walters, Sara Wylie, Sarah Madgin, Sarah Wong, Snack Witch aka Joni Cheung, Soloman Chiniquay, Timothy Fernandes, and Zuleyma Prado.

The I spy... photo catalogue designed by Ricky Castanedo-Laredo will be published in Spring 2023.

For more information, follow @unitpitt on all platforms or email info@unitpitt.ca